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September 01, 2020

With the warmer months knocking on our door, here at Beach Luxe we’re getting ready for our best beach season yet. We are so excited to introduce our latest member of the honest luxury family.

Beach Luxe recently sat down with Alexa & Summer, the creative visionaries behind this summer’s most beautiful towel label, Laze Res.

 Laze Res Founders

BL: What’s the Laze Res story, your inspiration and why you took the plunge?

A+S: For us, we always knew that we wanted to own a brand together. We let our ideas evolve naturally and organically over years into something that was meaningful, not only to us but for our customers also —— something special and unique we could call our own.

With years in the making every part of the process has been thoughtfully considered and designed with quality at the forefront.

Our towels are designed here in Noosa, Australia and are created ethically using traditional artisan techniques, in a small family business in Denizli, Turkey.

Laze Res Designer Beach Towels


BL: These are possibly the most beautiful towels we’ve come across, what makes Laze Res unique?

A+S: Our towels are oversized, luxury 500gsm Turkish cotton & versatile — they can be used at the beach, in the home or even as interior decor. They are made using a unique looming style and feature our own artwork along with a pleasing muted colour palette.   


BL: Our aim at Beach Luxe is to curate sustainable brands for ‘holidaying in honest luxury’. What is Laze Res’ approach to sustainability?

A+S: Laze Res is about quality and long lasting designs that hold the conscious integrity of the sustainable movement. We try in as many areas possible to make conscious ethical decisions as we believe in a sustainable brand.

 Laze Res Turkish Beach Towel

BL: You’re Noosa locals as well! What does your ideal Noosa weekend look like?

A+S: The ideal w/e in Noosa...okay it’s obviously going to have to involve beachin’ it, but first COFFEE! Love a morning coffee at Padre in Noosaville, then off to hang around Little Cove Beach (tucked away just after Noosa Main Beach). It’s the perfect place to have sone LAZE time with our towels.

For lunch it’s got to be the sticky mushroom poke bowl from Raw & Rice off Hastings Street. If you’re feeling adventurous a little beach hopping doesn’t go astray. Sunrise Beach is usually a nice quiet spot to hang at. For sunset get your walking gear on and head to Noosa National Park for the best views. After you’ve got the heart-rate going it’s home for a freshen up & some lipgloss! Would definitely recommend El Capitano on Hastings Street, our go to is the Sweet Potato Pizza with their Pineapple Southside Cocktail.

Afterwards get your dancing shoes on or off to bed — up to you!


BL: Oooh Pineapple Southside Cocktail, we’ll have to try that! So when thinking about Laze Res, where do you imagine using them?

A+S: It’s got be Little Cove Beach, it’s just so nice for a dip... and to LAZE.


BL: It’s nearly beach season here and we’re sure the rest of the country are burning to get to the beach. What are your top 5 travel essentials for a summer escape?

Coconut oil, a big flowy dress with slides, film camera, a good speaker for summer tunes & our Laze Res towels of course.


BL: We have to ask…what is your favourite Laze Res design, No 1 or No 2?

A+S: Oh we really can’t choose!!!!! No favouritism here haha love them both equally!


BL: What is something not many people know about you?

A+S: We also own an online art store, staying creative is so important to us, it helps us evolve in many aspects including our own self expression, style and our brand ideas. Find our art work on Instagram at @yore____studio. We have just released our new PALMS series.

 Yore Studio on Instagram

BL: Look at you two go, we love it, following now!!! We are loving your creativity, the designs on the towels are so unique. What inspires you?

A+S: Laze is inspired by unconventional sources in the form of architecture, everyday objects and in discoveries found in new surroundings .

To us our towels reflect a calming feeling —— whether it be poolside, beach, resort or home Laze Res creates a feeling, a sentiment.

Towel 1 is inspired by a coastal calm feeling. It’s peachy summer tones make for the perfect staple piece. It features shells, shapes & lines derived from the ocean and from subtle coastal interior styling. We love the simplistic look and that’s what we went with for this towel.
Towel 2 is inspired by travels and represents things we’ve experienced while travelling — whether that be objects or feelings. It’s elements are derived from Greek architecture and the tone of the towel is inspired by Italian sunsets by the sea, just as it turns to dusk. The snake represents good luck and to us, the open lock is a reminder to always be open to the universal plan.
Laze Res Minimalist Designer Beach Towels


BL: That’s so true, they are seriously the most calming towels, we love how big they are, you can stretch out on the sand and doze for hours. The big Q….What is next for Laze Res?

A+S: We for sure have new towel designs in mind for our next release but for now our plan for Laze Res is to take it slow and enjoy our very first collection.


BL: Very true, the start of a new brand is something special! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next, looking at your art store we may have a few inklings of the next designs and WE CANNOT WAIT.


Shop the LAZE Res Collection here at Beach Luxe




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