OchreLane lands at Beach Luxe

It's shaping up to be a hot hot summer filled with creamy blush square frames, vintage yellow-tinted lenses and cat-eye shapes. And it's all thanks to emerging Australian sunglass label OchreLane.

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Bree & Dave, the duo behind the brand and Beach Luxe's latest label!

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  1. BL: Tell us the the OchreLane story...

    B + D: We launched around June 2019 as I personally felt there was a gap in the women’s sunglasses industry. I remember shopping for frames and couldn’t find a certain aesthetic of sunglasses for an affordable price, from my own experience OchreLane was born and took off. We haven’t looked back since!

  2. BL: What makes OchreLane unique?

    B + D: We love introducing frames that is fun but will last for seasons to come, we wanted to bring that minimal coastal feel & aesthetic that is affordable for most people. We also like that we take pride in our packaging and opening experience, which I think is important.

    Ochre Lane Sunglasses
    Emery Sunglasses in Blush

  3. BL: What is OchreLane’s approach to sustainability?

    B + D: We are always trying to be super conscious of our sustainability as a business. At the moment we are trying to minimise our packaging as much as possible and change our packaging from something you may chuck out to something you would want to keep and reuse.

  4. BL: Where is your favourite place to holiday and what are your top 3 things to do there?

    B + D: Anywhere along the East Coast of Australia is divine. Top 3 things on my list is swim, eat & soak up the sunshine as much as possible! Can't go past Byron Bay, Burleigh and of course Noosa!

  5. BL: Where is your favourite place / restaurant to wear OchreLane sunglasses?

    B + D: Anywhere with a good cocktail list or by the ocean - Rick Shores, Palm Springs and The Tropic spring to mind!

  6. BL: What are your top 5 travel essentials for a Summer escape?

    B + D: All good summer stories feature a great bikini, favourite book(s), a huge water bottle to stay hydrated, a high quality SPF & a pair of OchreLane frames of course.

  7. BL: What is your favourite OchreLane design?

    B + D: It changes literally every week but this week I’m loving my Lena frames in creme Tort.

  8. BL: What is something not many people know about you?

    B: I never did a business or fashion degree!

  9. BL: Who is the ultimate OchreLane muse and why?

    B: Our OchreLane Muse isn’t anyone in particular, but the “person” I have had in my mind since the beginning is the minimal coastal woman who loves to invest in her pieces and is conscious of sun protection.

  10. BL: What is next for OchreLane?

    B + D: Who knows! We have grown so quickly our goal is to keep growing with OchreLane, eventually I’d love to see an SPF lotion or Resort Wear piece come to life!

Shop Ochre Lane's latest collection at Beach Luxe.

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