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November 07, 2018

Finding swimwear to suit your body shape

It’s long overdue, but body diversity is in (and we couldn’t be happier!).

Whether you’re a size 6 or size 16, pear shaped or petite, we should all be embracing the skin we’re in. Confidence is the new sexy after all.

To help you suit up this Summer we’ve pulled together our top tips to finding the right swimsuit to flatter every frame. We've even hand-picked the best designer swimwear styles to suit each body shape so you too, can love the swim you're in.

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Oval Body Shape (aka Apple) 

“Tummy control” is key for all the lovely apple-shaped ladies out there! If you are donning this body type, chances are you want to conceal that extra something around the lower waist area. Just because you're apple in shape doesn't mean you have to go for the Granny Smith look.

What you should look for:

One-piece swimsuits are a style of choice for apple-shaped ladies. Impactful prints, colours, frilled details on the waist, ruching, side panels, are just some of the details that can make a huge change in perception.

When it comes to bikinis on oval-shaped bodies, the goal is to separate the bust from the hips for a more defined middle part. If you go down this path, opt for high-waisted bottoms with built-in tummy support. The top should really lift your bust up and be the hero.

Best swimwear styles for sweet apple shaped bodies: 

Montce Swim Tommi Floral Cynthia One Piece 

 Montce Swim Tommi Floral Cynthia One Piece

peony swimwear Berry High Pant & Berry Ruched Crop Bikini Top 

peony swimwear berry ruched pant and crop

Hunza G Isolde Domino  One Piece Swimsuit

    Hunza G Isolde Domino


    Triangle Shaped Bodies (aka Pear)

    A shape fit for a queen (Bey)!  You bootylicious pear-shaped ladies are lucky enough to have seductive hips and thighs, with narrower shoulders and a waist wider than your bust.

    What you should look for:

    The main goal for a pear-shaped body is to balance out the top and bottom. With a larger lower half we're going to need to add bulk or draw the attention upwards and make the shoulders or bust standout. Steer clear of boy short style bottoms, or any other style that includes a lot of fabric on the bottom, and go for high cut bottoms that will elongate your hips.

    When it comes to tops, start embracing bold prints and colours. The more eye-catching the design is, the better. Focus on the bust, so details such as texture, frills, fringe, polka dots, and bows.

    Pear shapes are usually smaller in bust size, so don’t be afraid to balance things out with an extra boost through padded styles and full cups. Built-in bras or underwires here will be your friend as they give shape draw the attention away from the hips.

    Best swimwear styles for juicy pear shaped bodies include:

    The peony swimwear Sonnet Panelled Bandeau & Sonnet Staple Pant. (Image source: @sabinasocol via Instagram). Sabina looks ah-mazing in this bandeau and bikini bottom. Don't be afraid to go strapless if you're larger in the bust, the key is balance.

    peony swimwear sonnet bikini


    The peony swimwear Melon Soft Balconette and Vacation Pant. (Image Source: @peonyswimwear via Instagram)

    Peony Melon Bikini


    Montce Swim Polka Dot Cabana Top and Polka Dot High Waist Bottoms: (Image Source: Beach Luxe)

    Montce Swim Polka Dot Bikini Pear Shapes


    Inverted Triangle Body Shape (aka Cone)

    Inverted triangle, or also known as a cone, is characterised by wide shoulders and narrow hips. You’ve got beautiful broad shoulders, but the goal here is to help bring some balance by accentuating the hips.  

    What you should look for:

    Once again, your main interest should be to achieve balanced proportions with the right swimwear style. Since the hips are the part which needs extra help, focus on the bottoms. They should add extra volume and dimension. Fabulous accessories such as belts, hoops, ruffles, embellishment, sequins, and bows are all the way to go.

    Best swimwear styles for Cone Shaped bodies: 

    The Hunza G Glitter Gloria Bikini, as seen here on Luna Sobrino. (Image source: @lunasobrino via Instagram)

     Hunza G Gloria Glitter Bikini


    Fella Swim Hunter Bikini Top & Hubert Bikini Bottoms in dusty blue.


    Hunza G Nancy Swimsuit in Spice 

     Hunza G Nancy Swim in Spice


      Rectangular Body Shape

      Rectangle body types should do their best to create an illusion of a smaller waist.

      Seen as a more athletic build, you have equal proportions from the top to the bottom. With the proper swimsuit, you can do wonders for an undefined waist.

      What you should look for:

      The whole point is to make shoulders and hips look a little wider and the waist smaller. This is best done with padded tops and higher cut leg opening on the bottoms. Popular one-piece designs also look super cute for this body shape.

      One of the best tips you will swear on is buying a bikini with chic cutouts around the waist area.

      Best swimwear styles for rectangular bodies:

      Fella Swim Franco Bikini Top & Chad Bikini Bottoms - stocked on Beach Luxe in white. (Image source: @saasha_burns via Instagram)

       Feela Swim Franco Top & Chad Bottoms

      peony swimwear Berry Halter One Piece swimsuit.

      peony swimwear berry halter one piece

      Skye & Staghorn Alix Tie Down One Piece Swimsuit.

      Skye & Staghorn Alix Tie Down One Piece  

      Hourglass Body Shapes

      To the Marilyn's of the world, you’re built for the beach, with a curvy bust, bottom, and a defined waist.

      Luscious and curvaceous is the new skinny, so be bold and don’t be afraid to proudly flaunt what you own.

      What you should look for: 

      Find a suit that properly accentuates your curves. A classic two-piece bikini or one piece that pulls in at the waist is the most flattering style for an hourglass shape.

      Don’t be afraid of daring colours and on-trend prints. You’ll always want to find tops with some extra support, especially if you have larger breasts. 

      The bottoms should be very simple, without add ons such as bows or ruffles. Those details can attract more attention to the hips, taking away from the rest of your amazing figure.

      Mid to high-waisted bikini bottoms that nip you in just below the hips are also a top pick for our hourglass ladies.

      Best swimwear styles for heavenly hourglass figures include:

      Peony Swimwear Cornflower Panelled Crop & Cornflower Hi Cut Pant. (Image source: @mikaelahallen via Instagram).

      Peony Swimwear Cornflower Bikini


      Also available in a string bikini style  Triangle Bikini Top and Pant (Image source: @jadetunchy via Instagram)

      Or if you prefer a full piece, that deep plunge look also comes in the Dakota One Piece- a signature swimsuit by Skye & Staghorn.

      Dakota Full Piece Swimsuit Skye & Staghorn

      Or the Hunza G TyTi Nile One Piece 


      Petite Body Shapes

      Feminine and delicate, petite framed ladies are often the envy of the world. Your narrow frame can be a blessing but also a curse as you need to find styles that flatter your femininity without making you appear child-like. The good news is you have an amazing canvas to style this season and we've got just the tips to find your swimsuit style.

      What petite framed ladies should look for: 

      The key is finding a swimsuit that is delicate and feminine without being too young. Frills, bold prints, lace trims and texture can bring emphasis to your silhouette.

      If you go for frills, make sure they're in a bold colour or print so they're not too soft and girly. Interesting shapes and cuts can add some definition to your frame.

      If you're bigger in the bust, avoid a thin string bikini as this would only shrink the rest of you. Instead opt for something with structure up top.

      Similar to hourglass figures, petite ladies can enjoy adding a bit of flair to their lower half. Don't be afraid to try tie-ups, bows or ruffles bikini bottoms.

      If you're athletic yet petite, your toned body would look incredible in a textured bikini or one piece.

      Best swimwear styles for perfectly petite bodies include:

      Textured bikinis are the trend for Summer 2018-19. Try Fella Swims' Lemoncello bikini - the Julius Bikini Topand Chad bottoms  as seen on the gorgeous @marijasmine for Beach Luxe. 


      Fella Swim Julius Top & Chad Bottoms

      Try triangle bikini tops like the Montce Paula Bikini Top this and Spring Gingham Nu-Micro bottoms with a cheeky V-Shape to emphasis your womanly curves. 


      Hunza G Aneski BikiniSet:


      Everybody is different, and every body is beautiful so don’t be afraid to show some skin this Summer. Shop the latest designer swimwear for every type of body at beachluxe.com.au~

      Enjoy 10% off to help you find your perfect swimsuit for this season. Use MYSHAPE at checkout. 

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