Acre Baja - Mexico's newest hot spot

First thing's first - it's pronounced Acre (Ahk-Re) unlike the measurement of land, acre.

Nestled on a dried-up river bed about 20 minutes inland of Los Cabos, you’ll find Acre Baja Resort – a little slice of Tulum on the Western side of Mexico. If you follow our Instagram you’ll have seen we visited this magical resort for a few very indulgent days spent doing what we love – sunshine, swimming, tanning, lots of wining and dining and just a bit of chill time.

Acre Baja Resort

Acre Baja Resort

Whilst it was a bit of a hairy ride getting there (*will explain below) it was well worth the trip. The moment we entered the resort it was love at first sight – mainly because we were greeted with delicious (and much needed) cocktails.

The resort boasts 12 exclusive tree top villas, a restaurant and bar, pool, mango orchard / event area, it’s own Mezcal distillery and other smaller beautifully styled event spaces. Built around sustainable living, Acre Baja is also home to a flourishing herb and vegetable garden and a host of adorable farm animals like Burrito the Donkey, peacocks, several goats, chickens and more.

Whether you have the luxury of staying in one of the 12 tree-top villas or just visiting the area we highly recommend you dine at the Acre Restaurant. Reservations are a must! We were surprised at how busy the restaurant and bar was each night but after sampling the award-winning cocktails and food, we understand why! If you have a bit of time to kill before your seating, you must go to the Mezcal tasting. One of our biggest regrets was not buying their locally made Mezcal – it was the best we sampled the entire trip and you can’t buy it anywhere else!!

Acre Baja Mezcal tasting

The globally-influenced menu features locally sourced ingredients. We were overwhelmed with choice and decided to leave our fate in the hands of the Chef and opted for the degustation. Elastic pants are a must. We ate and drank ourselves till we literally rolled out of there. Stand outs were the Beet Tartar, lobster agnolotti pasta and of course the fish tacos.


Add this guy to your Spotify list – David Morin or on Instagram @DavidMorinMusic. We were lucky enough to catch his set on the first night and we’ve been playing him on repeat ever since.

Now onto the highlight of the trip – the tree top villas! These are unlike any accommodation we’ve every stayed in. Situated at the end of a path that meandered through the jungle, stood our accommodation nestled high amongst the tree tops.

Acre Baja Tree Top Villa Entry
Wearing Montce Swim Paula Tie Top $94.50 AUD (on sale) and High Waisted Pants in Tommi Floral $69.30 AUD (on sale) Farah Raffia Slides, $119 AUD.

The room itself, whilst very cosy at just 3m x 3m has everything you need – queen bed, toilet & basin, hanging space with a large deck that has an outdoor shower and mini bar eski. The only thing I can fault is the level of heat in the water – it was winter and I had to endure a luke warm (at best) shower outside. Refreshing to say the least.

Acre Baja Tree Top Villa

Pictured: Skye and Staghorn Dakota Full Piece $196 AUD (on sale) and Havana Sun Visor $29.

Acre Baja Outdoor Shower

Acre Baja Tree Top Villa

Pictured: Montce Swim Tommi Floral Paula Top $94.50 AUD, and High Rise Bottoms $69.30 AUD (both on sale).

It’s so hard to name what we loved about the hotel the most. The overall design of the place was incredible! Everything had been carefully chosen – from the patterned tiles, to the heavenly Mexican bed linen (from MexChic) even the giant Jenga set.

Acre Baja Tropical Getaway MexicoPictured: Farah Raffia Slides - Natural, $119

Acre Baja Pool

Pictured: Poolside at Acre Baja via Viva Luxury Blog

Acre Baja Patterned Tiles

Pictured: Farah Raffia Slides - Black, $119 AUD

Los Cabos Beach Mexico

Pictured: Skye & Staghorn Dakota Plunge Full Piece, on sale at $196 AUD

It was the vibe of the place that really stood out for us. Acre Baja is just so cool at every turn, it's easy to see why everyone is flocking there. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, a trip to Mexico or even somewhere to host one hell of an event (or wedding!?!) we couldn’t recommend this place higher!! Tick tick tick! 

We’ll be back, soon.




 Acre Baja Getting There

** Getting there – If you’ve hired a car and chosen to drive there, don’t follow Google maps that take you through the river bed. There is road access to Acre Baja so stick to it! Our GPS took us off road, onto the sand and through some pretty dodgy areas where we eventually got bogged – not a great situation for tourists in Mexico.

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