Galeras 2 Pom Pom Hat

$119 $199

This chic Polka Co Galeras #2 Pom Pom Hat features a natural and solid black zig zag weave with a solid black band and Polka Co's distinct trio of red pom poms.

Size: Standard hat size is approximately 58cm

How to Wear: Polkaco hats can be worn with the rim down or you can flip the back of the brim up as shown in the product image.

Travel Tips: These hats are a holiday necessity. To avoid your any mis-shaping during your travel, place the hat in your luggage upside down and ensure the crown is stuffed with clothes – bon voyage!

Each Polka Co hat is handmade by the traditional Wayuu artisans, woven using 100% Iraka palm straw and takes approximately 8 hours to weave. All Polka Co hats are of the absolute highest quality!


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