Form and Fold are changing the swimwear industry as we know it

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it comes a flood of the latest swimwear and accessories from leading designers around the globe.

Form and Fold is the latest Australian brand to shake up the swimwear industry, and they have just landed at Beach Luxe. The range is full of sculptural fits, core colours and beautiful recycled Italian fabrics.

Form and Fold, a creative collaboration between Melbourne designers and lifelong friends Carly (32E) and Stephanie (32DD) launched exclusively for D+ women in 2017. Motivated by their own experiences of being self-conscious at the beach and a frustration with the limited selection of D+ swimwear, they set out to liberate themselves and other women with a range that is not only supportive and comfortable for larger cup sizes, but is flattering and functional too.

Determined to offer women more than the small and uninspiring selection of ill fitting and unsupportive D+ contraptions, they devoted three years to crafting the perfect swimwear with a focus on small backs and large busts.

This new season will not disappoint

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Explore the new range by Form and Fold:

 The Crop Top & 90s Bottoms in Stone 


Shop Form and Fold Crop Top & 90s Bottom in Stone


 The Base Bikini Top and Staple pant in Black


 Shop Form and Fold Base Bikini Top, paired with the Staple Pant in  Black


 The Line Top and Rise Bottom in Olive 


 Shop Form and Fold The Line Top paired with the Rise Bottom in Olive




Our aim at Beach Luxe is to bring you the most coveted range of the world's most beautiful, high quality sustainable swimwear. FORM AND FOLD is the perfect addition to our collection - the incredible fits and sustainable fabrics to the engineered construction of every swimsuit, we are so proud to bring your their next range.

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