On Summer vacay with Fella's Rosie Iffla

As one of the go-to swim brands for celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Lara Bingle, Jesinta Campbell and Insta-celebs Saasha Burns & Olive Cooke – we’re no stranger to Fella Swim. Since its launch in 2012, the Sydney founded label has rocketed to new heights and the good news is, it’s landed right here at Beach Luxe – your destination for beautiful salty essentials.

We recently got the chance to catch up with one half of Fella, Rosie Iffla, to talk all things Summer, bikinis and island getaways…and of course a few Fellas along the way. 

Fella is such a unique name. We love how you give each product a boys name! How did you land on this for your brand?

Fella just came to me one day and I thought it had a great ring to it. It has double syllables so it sticks in the mind easily. It’s also an Australian colloquial term and when placed upon a female swim brand I think it gives it that boyish playfulness.

You seem to be lost in paradise at every turn. Where did you go for your latest vacation and what did you love about it the most?

I loved visiting The Aeolian Islands – they’re a cluster of seven islands off the coast of Sicily, Italy. My favourite of them is Salina. They’re just the most beautiful and peaceful islands in the world, something hard to describe so you’ll just have to see for yourself. We stayed in this amazing hotel called Hotel Signum. It is an understated luxury hotel with a Michelin star restaurant attached and a private beach – what more could you want! Its vibe was so peaceful and relaxed and completely unostentatious.

Aeolian Islands
Image Credit: Rosie Iffla on Instagram

Let’s hear more about this incredible place – food, clothing, things to do?

They have a Michelin star Restaurant called Signum and we ate the degustation, which was amazing. A standout dish was the hand made ravioli filled with Fish Bone broth – incredible. In terms of fashion, I bought some amazing Ancient Greek Sandals from London – old brand but a goodie! My top 3 must-do things for Salina is:

  1. Go to Pebble Beach in Malfa,
  2. Climb the Volcanos and;
  3. Go next door and get a cocktail at Hotel Ravisi

You seem to always look so chic, even when you’re all sweaty after a day at the beach. What are your top 5 essentials for a Summer escape?

First thing I pack is a good pair of Fella textured bikinis (of course!). And being in the sun all day and all the things that come with hot weather, I always have Invisible Zinc on me, you need to look after your skin. You can’t wear make up during the day so I rely on tinted moisturiser, it is much lighter and gives my face a slight tan. My favourite brand is Chantecaille from Mecca. I won’t be seen without my sunglasses from Dres Van Noten, a vintage print silk sarong and a wide brimmed hat.

We all like to peek what’s in each other’s make up bags…what is one product you’ll never let run out?

Chantecaille Tinted Moisturiser from Mecca – its insane!

What is something not many people know about you?

I hate flying, even though I do it a lot!

An asteroid is coming and you have one day left to live. Where would you spend it and what would you be doing?

Going to the seaside in Italy with family and friends, eating a delicious pasta, and drinking a lot of orange biodynamic wine!

You’re always jet-setting around the world, what are your top 3 planning tips? 

  1. Pack light and pack well.
  2. Get a good restaurant and / or bar list from a chef before you go – they always know the best spots.
  3. Make a good playlist for your car trips.

Where can we see you checking into next?

We’ll be in Bali, our second home.

BL Note – Did you know Fella also have their own villas right in the heart of Bali’s new hot-spot Canggu? If you’re looking for a beautifully styled villa that’s away from all the chaos of Seminyak and Kuta, Fella Villas should be at the top of your list.  

We are totally in LOVE with Fella’s textured range. All the colours are so feminine and paired with the edgy no-fuss cut and textured fabric they’re classically Fella. Which style is your favourite piece and why?

The new Hunter Top is the ultimate bandeau. The knot in the middle gives it that point of difference and it looks so good in all the colours, I loveeee it! Also love the Andreas full piece – perfect classic cut.

Fella Swim Hunter Bandeau
Hunter Bandeau in Dusty Blue - Fella Swim

Let’s talk style and inspiration. You and Christine obviously have amazing style. Who is your style muse and what 3 Instagram accounts inspire you the most, we’ll be adding them right now?!

I get my style inspiration from French muse & model Jeanne Damas she’s also the founder of @rouje.

The 3 instagram accounts I’m always checking are:

@c__l__o - Clo Studio

@_s___o - Sofia Senesi

@ad_magazine - Ad Magazine

What are your 3 rules to live by when buying swimwear?

It is so important for a woman to feel comfortable in swimwear for obvious reasons; it really is the only time you will be showing the most of what you normally cover up to the public eye.

  • Covering up more doesn’t necessarily mean it looks better. A woman with a bigger behind doesn’t necessarily have to put a conservative bottom on. Often cheekier cut bottoms can be more flattering. The Chad bottom for instance looks amazing on!
  • Padding doesn’t necessarily mean support. Support should come from good construction and not cheap make-do padding. I prefer an underwire and strap that is adjustable to give good shape to a bust.
  • Spend a little more on your swim, which will go a long way. Cheap swimwear often means bad lycra, bad fits and swimsuits you’ll chuck out in a few years because they have lost their There are good reasons why higher-end brands charge more – and it's often because they have gone to great lengths to make the swimsuit fit as best as they can with beautiful feeling fabrics. Then you will feel much more confident when you strip those clothes off down at the beach!

Fella Swim Franco Top
Franco Top in White 

Find your Fella

Sophisticated, refined, simplistic, detailed and tailored – five words Rosie uses to describe the iconic Fella style. We are so excited to have this incredible Australian swim brand part of the Beach Luxe tribe.



Title Image Credit: Rosie Iffla as featured on Fella Swim Instagram

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