Bondi Born join the Beach Luxe Family

Summer is almost here and at Beach Luxe we’re getting ready for our best beach season yet. We are so excited to introduce our latest member of the honest luxury family BONDI BORN.


BONDI BORN is an Australian lifestyle brand inspired by contemporary Australian style and a passion for excellence. They are a majority female owned and run business based in Sydney. Founder Dale McCarthy and Creative Director Karla Clarke create elegant, sophisticated swimwear & apparel using only the finest quality fabrics and premium local craftsmanship.

BONDI BORN is launching on Beach luxe with their Signature Sculpteur Fabric; This Signature Collection is not only revered for the way it makes your body look, but for the way it makes you feel. It is the ultimate expression of body confidence and elevated style.

Colette one-piece in Black as seen on @stephaniewaxberg

Violet top  in Fiesta
BONDI BORN have an ongoing commitment to uncompromising quality, ethics and sustainability. Every fabric is consciously sourced for sustainable certification. Each piece is painstakingly fitted and refitted to perfect its cut. Each trim is hand selected or custom made. Each garment is expertly crafted in Sydney, the world's capital of swimwear.



Our aim at Beach Luxe is to bring you the most coveted range of the world's most beautiful, high quality sustainable swimwear. BONDI BORN is the perfect addition to our collection - the incredible fits (Colette in a one piece is a standout) and fabrics to the engineered construction of every swimsuit, we are so proud to bring your their signature range.

 BL xxx

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