How to pack a hat for travel

Hats… they’re a big deal when it comes to seaside accessorising – literally (we’re looking at you, Jacquemus!).

They’re the sun-safe necessity that’ll polish off your poolside look while keeping your skin shaded from the sun’s harsh UV rays. 

Whether it be structured or floppy, wide brim, or short, one thing’s for sure – they’re a proven packing pain. 

Luckily for you, we’ve tried and tested the best packing hacks for your next beach escape, so you can make it to your destination without ruining your beloved hat. After all, no hat, no play, right?!

Here's our simple 3 step hat packing guide to keep your brim just as you left it, even after a 12 hour flight.


Step 1: Fill the crown of your hat with small items of clothing. Think bikinis, socks and underwear. Be careful not to overfill here as you don’t want to stretch your hat.



Step 2: Flip the hat (contents and all) so that it’s sitting on the base of your suitcase.



Step 3: Pack around your hat. Pop your clothes in first so that your hat has something soft to snug up against. If you’ve got a double-sided suitcase, add a layer of clothes on top of your hat (folded not rolled) to protect it from any hard objects that may end up on top of it from your other side of your suitcase.


Hats off to you, girl! You’re now a fully-fledged hat-packing expert.


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